Lightshot - ScreenShoter

Lightshot is a screen capture program for Windows and Mac OS X , works like a pair of scissors from Windows Vista and Windows 7 way, providing additional opportunities for image editing and publication in the Internet .

The program replaces the button handler  PrtScr  default and catches it for its launch. The user can click and highlight the region of interest screen, and the size of the selected area will be displayed next to the selection.

Once the area is selected there is a set of buttons to perform different actions with the picture. Possible actions include editing, save, copy to clipboard and publication in the Internet including social networks . Published pictures will be placed at .


Lightshot also supports a set of hotkeys for all operations. The most convenient are the standard Ctrl  +  C  to copy to the clipboard, and Ctrl  +  S  to save.    

Allows you to search visually similar images via Google and Tineye.

Exists in versions for both Windows application and plug-in for Firefox , Internet Explorer and Google Chrome .

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