How To Create Picture Password In Windows 8

Hey friends, hi to all of you. Today I am going to share a new way to secure your Windows PC that has debuted with Windows 8. A picture unlock. How does it sound? Interesting!! So, if you have Windows 8 then proceed as given below:

  • Open up Settings (Find settings on charms bar on the right).

  • Under Users tab, find Sign in Options and select Create Picture Password.

  • It will ask for current password, just fill in and go:

  • Now, click choose picture from left pane

  • Now, choose your desired picture.

  • Click on Use this picture:

  • Now, input gesture (pattern) you want to use for unlock

  • Make sure you give gestures right.

  • It will show confirmation that picture password is created.

  • Now, enjoy advanced unlock system.


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