Check who used your PC in your Absence!

Many times some people log into our PC and check our data and other useful information without our permission, in today’s time privacy is everything for us, we don’t want  anybody to access our PC without our permission.

If you want to know the details that when your PC was accessed, then you are lucky because window records every logs of our PC.

I am going to show you the way to know who access your PC in your Absence, just follow the below steps.

Check who use your PC in your Absence? – Procedure

1)     First press Window key + R or go to Start > Run

2)     Now type eventvwr.msc and press enter

3)     Wait for a few seconds

4)     After that Event viewer window will open

5)     The event viewer window will show you the Detail logs of your PC, It stores Three types oflog files

  • Application

  • Security

  • System

All logs are Archived and Reviewed, We are using System Log to fulfil our purpose

6)     Click on Windows log and select System log

7)     This will show you all the detail of your PC which happened recently


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