Convert 1GB File In 1MB Using KGB Archiver

Before I start let me introduce with a definition i.e. Compression. Compression is the technique to merge the data at high rate to save space on hard disk. Now please don’t say you have a hard disk of 1 TB of size so no need of compression. It is good if you have a hard disk of higher storage capability but it does not mean that we have no need of compression. Okay let me give a live example of compression. First of all download any software and see its size now install it on your computer now open program files in your computer and again see the size of software. I am sure now size of the software will be more than before. Okay Now come on point i.e. how to convert 1GB file in 1MB file. Here Are some steps given below just read and follow them carefully.

Step 1 : First of all download a software named KGB Archiver on your computer.


Step 2 : Now below type of screen will come in front of you. Now just choose  compress file and click on next.

Please note that it will take a lot of time to compress a large file.

Some Feature You Will Also Get:-
  •  Make Password protected compressed file
  • Able to create self-extracting archives
  • Unicode is supported in both User Interface and File Systems
  • Supports native .KGB files and .Zip files
  • Multi language support like Arabic, German, Greek, Japanese, Spanish many more

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