How To Make Your PC WiFi Hotspot

Wifi Hotspot is the area in which we can access internet using wifi. We can make our android or i-phone wifi hotspot butsometimes we need to make our laptop hotspot. So in this post I will share how to make your PC Wifi Hotspot. But before I start , let me share a story with you because of  which I am sharing this post here. My brother was trying to download bluestack on his laptop because he want to use whatsapp on it. But I was surprised to know because he have already an android phone. So I just asked him , why are you installing bluestack on your laptop to use whatsapp , you have already a good android phone. Then he replied I have MTS Mblaze dongle. So it can not be used on phone. Thats why I want to download bluestack on my laptop to use whatsapp. Then I told him, let me make your laptop a wifi hotspot. He replied , is it possible. I said , of course. It is. I think here are more people like my brother who want to know that so just read and follow below given steps to make your laptop a wifi hotspot.

Step 1 : First of all , download Virtual Wifi Hotspot on your laptop.


Step 2 : Now install and run it , on your laptop. You will get below type of screen in front of you.

Step 3 : Now give any name to it. e.g Techonn also you can set password. [See above screenshot]

Step 4 : Now start Virtual Wifi Hotspot & search on your phone. Enter password and enjoy Internet.

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  1. oh if are you genius so start hotspot on windows xp. can you do it?