Convert Your Android Mobile To Windows 8 Device

Hello friends, Do you want to try the new Windows 8 user interface on your android phone or tablet, Today i am going to tell you how you can convert android to windows 8 without rooting your phone. To do this we need a Launcher 8 By Timo Kujala. Launcher 8 allow you to  makes your android phone looks like Winphone 8.

Download Launcher 8

You can choose both Light And Dark Theme. You can choose different acent colours.

What is this actually? 

This is nothing but a theme of Windows 8. After installing this theme on your Android Device, your phone will look like Nokia Lumia or Windows Phone. You will be able to see live tiles. But all other tasks will be operated by Android System. This theme pack works with both Mobile and Tablet.

When you click on the home button of your device, it will ask you whether to complete action using Launcher 8 or Android. 

Don't be afraid. It's simply a look of Windows 8. All your settings, system will remain unchanged. 

And if you face any problem or if you don't wanna use it no problem. You can easily uninstall it from your device. 

How to Uninstall? 

 Very Simple. Just follow the process below:

Settings > Apps >  Hit on the Launcher 8 > Hit on the Uninstall button. 


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