Send Large Files Through E-mail

Many internet users send files through e-mail. But there is one problem that you can send file with limited sizes. Let's take an example of Gmail, It allows its users to send attachments of 25 MB. It is not enough if you want to send photos or videos of any Party or Functions, Or sending any large project file. So, how can we send these files?

You can use websites like Dropbox, Where you can upload files and share the links of those files to your friend. But websites like Dropbox comes with advertisements and Less Security.

Google Drive by Google is the best option to upload your large files and sed it to your friends of family members. It acts as a Cloud drive. Almost all of us have google account, you can use the same google account to singing to Google Drive and with that google account you will get 5GB.

How to send large files through email

Follow this step by step tutorial for sending large files via email.

Step 1 : First of all you need to visit Google Drive and sign in with your Google account Credentials.

Step 2 : Once you are logged in you can start uploading your data. Click in the upload button which is present right next to create.
While uploading any file you can view the status of the upload by looking at the status window which is present at the bottom right corner of your computer screen. You can even place more than one file for uploading at a time.

Step 3 : Once the upload has been completed you can easily share them with your friends, family members or even office colleagues. Click on the Share link to set the sharing settings of the file which you want to share. You can decide if you want to make that file private or public. Click on Who Can Access under Change menu to change the file status.

Step 4: You can send the files directly by emailing them from Google Drive. In the Sharing settings menu of a particular file you will see options which will include sending file via email and via social networking websites like Twitter, Facebook.

Google Drive also comes with one great feature and using this feature you can also limit the people to only view the files and not comment or you can give them permissions to comment or edit the files.

If you want to share files of your project with your team, upload the files and grab the link and share them with your entire team. You can even use Google Drive on smartphones as it is available both for Apple and Android operating systems.


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