About Us

Hello and Welcome To Techonn.

TechOnn - The Techno World(www.techonn.com) is a website(blog) which posts on Tech niche. Like How-To's, Latest Computer Tricks, Latest Android Tricks. We also posts an apps which can be useful for you. We post Tech News, Internet Tricks, Facebook Tricks, and many things on "Technology" which will make your life easier.

Why the name Techonn ?

After days of searching I could not find any good domain name. Even the bad ones were taken. Then my friend Vedant Chawla suggested me this name(Techonn).

About Madhur

Madhur Goyal is a Founder Of  Techonn. A student who loves doing computer. Facebook Addict, Gadget Lover. He knows Android Development, Web Development, Graphic Designing And Lots about Computer.


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